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game integrity

Show Us Your Stats

  • Alex 

This post was written in September 2019, when I was Managing Director of Poker at Microgaming. In recent months we’ve seen a trend for poker operators to publish statistics about their Game Integrity successes. In particular we’ve seen operators publish details about the number of… Read More »Show Us Your Stats

The End of Shortstacking?

  • Alex 

This post was written in November 2015 when I was Head of Poker at Microgaming. Many years ago I wrote for a magazine called InsidePoker Business. It was edited by Alun Bowden (@Poker_Hack), and fellow contributors included Kim Lund (@InfiniteEdgeKim), who now runs his own… Read More »The End of Shortstacking?

A World Without HUDs

  • Alex 

  This blog was written in December 2014 when I was Head of Poker at Microgaming. In my last blog, I discussed the network’s stance on seating scripts. In this blog, I want to talk about HUDs – and for the first time ever, draw… Read More »A World Without HUDs

The Scripts

  • Alex 

This blog was published in October 2014, when I was Head of Poker at Microgaming. On the MPN, we’re very transparent about our approach to third party assistance tools, like trackers and HUDs. For those that want to use them, or don’t mind playing against… Read More »The Scripts

Security Alliance

  • Alex 

All reputable online poker companies employ security staff, both to protect the company’s interests by preventing fraud, and to protect the players’ interests by preventing collusion, multi-accounting and bot use in the games. Good security can save you money, boost player satisfaction and trust, and… Read More »Security Alliance

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