Previous Work

Perform Group / International Federation of Poker (2012)

Worked with Perform Group and the International Federation of Poker to run User Acceptance and Focus Group Testing on a new product.

Social Gaming Startup (2012)

Worked with a new social gaming startup company to develop a brand new product for Facebook and mobile platforms.

Full Tilt Poker (2011-2012)

Worked as Head of Product Design, and was responsible for managing the team that designed all player-facing software features. Highlights include the 'Edge' loyalty program and a number of yet-to-be-released features.

InsidePokerBusiness (2010-2012)

Contributed a number of articles to the magazine, covering a variety of topics relating to the eGaming business. Many of these articles can now be read on my blog.

PokerPlayer (2009-2011)

Wrote a regular strategy column covering advanced strategy and player-focused topics like Rakeback, the Metagame, Four-Betting, Polarised Ranges and Range Merging. All of these articles were updated and compiled into my book, 'What I Know About Poker: Lessons in Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Other Poker Games'.

Party Poker (2007)

Party Poker uses many of the articles which I wrote for InsideEdge and InsidePoker magazines in the 'How to Play' section of their website.

PokerListings (2007)

Wrote columns covering British poker players and Britain-centric poker issues for the PokerListings website.

Betfair (2007)

Betfair used some of the articles which I wrote for InsideEdge and InsidePoker magazines in the poker community section of their website.

PokerStars (2006-2010)

Worked in Poker Room Management and Game Security for what was at the time the world's largest poker site. In the role, I designed a number of important software features such as Multi-Currency accounts and games, and was also responsible for the general management of the site (which became the largest poker site in the regulated Italian market).

InsideEdge / InsidePoker / FirstPoker (2006-2009)

Wrote a regular strategy column covering topics such as Fold Equity, how to play when card dead, and twelve beginners' guides for different poker variants which are occasionally reprinted today. Many of my articles were republished in the Swedish magazine FirstPoker.

Gutshot (2006)

I provided Gutshot, a London-based card club, with a number of articles which were used in the strategy section of their website.

World Poker Tour (2005)

I acted as Brand Manager for the World Poker Tour's then-new online poker site, WPTOnline, and promoted the site to students in the Edinburgh area of Scotland.