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Poker Ecology

Show Us Your Stats

  • Alex 

This post was written in September 2019, when I was Managing Director of Poker at Microgaming. In recent months we’ve seen a trend for poker operators to publish statistics about their Game Integrity successes. In particular we’ve seen operators publish details about the number of… Read More »Show Us Your Stats

How to Value Poker Players

  • Alex 

This article was written in March 2016 when I was Head of Poker at Microgaming. Poker players are gripped in a mass delusion right now. They think that the more rake they pay, the more they are worth – and they couldn’t be more wrong.… Read More »How to Value Poker Players

A World Without HUDs

  • Alex 

  This blog was written in December 2014 when I was Head of Poker at Microgaming. In my last blog, I discussed the network’s stance on seating scripts. In this blog, I want to talk about HUDs – and for the first time ever, draw… Read More »A World Without HUDs