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Privacy Policy

Who Am I?

I’m Alex D. Scott, an individual in the Isle of Man.

What personal data is collected and why?

When you visit my website, cookies are set on your machine. Almost all websites do this.

The cookies are used to:

  • Show you ads (Google Adsense)
  • Analyse how the website is used by visitors (Google Analytics and WordPress)
  • Show my Twitter timeline (Twitter)

I’m interested in who is coming to my website, and what they do when they visit it – which articles they read, and for how long. By understanding what is popular and what visitors are interested in, I can write better material in the future. I have no interest in personally tracking you or identifying who you are at an individual level.

Other than as mentioned above, your data isn’t shared with anyone or transmitted to anyone else and I don’t retain a copy of it.

I do not personally hold any of your data. If you want a copy of your data, or if you wish to correct your data or have it deleted, you need to contact the aforementioned companies. If you have any other questions about how your data is stored, you should also contact said companies.